Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Susan Brown | For Pete’s Sake Pottery

Susan Brown of For Pete's Sake Pottery, who has been creating since she was young, often says she finds herself more comfortable with a...


The BRIMM | You Have to Have the Breakdown Before You Have the Breakthrough

Listen to a Conversation with Sallie Holder of The BRIMM and Krysti Henderson of Chocolate Heaven Company Krysti Henderson of the Chocolate Heaven Company started making cakes for her family and friends as a hobby...

THE PREPPY PODCAST | Millie Marie Pima

Listen to Patricia Maristch interview Milly Marie Milly Marie is defined by classic style and luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton, but the true inspiration lies in the details. Look closely - many of their pieces have...

COAST LINES | Sara Fitz Studio

Todays’ guests are Sara and Miles O’Brien, the creative husband and wife duo behind the popular New England brand Sara Fitz Studio. Coastal classics comes to life in Sara’s beautiful watercolor collections. From stationery and...

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