When On the Road Again founder Mary was a child, she enjoyed crafting items from the fabric scraps leftover from her mother’s business as a seamstress. Today, she is a proud part of the makers movement in New England. She handcrafts all On the Road Again bags in her studio in Massachusetts.

On the Road Again minimizes waste going into our landfills by upcycling durable materials into handcrafted goods. Their durable tote bags and home goods are fashionably upcycled in the USA.

Bags are handcrafted from remnant mesh, fabrics, and marine grade vinyl, making each item unique in its patterns and colorways.

Mary recently had an exciting opportunity to work with The Profit himself, Marcus Lemonis and his Camping World stores – so stay tuned as Mary and her company expand into a big box retail space later this year.

"I love being part of NECC as Kim does an amazing job of connecting the New England community! From the zoom meeting sessions to working and collaborating with others in the group, it's been amazing and helpful as a small business!

mary dimauro - on the road again
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