The Age of Internet Friends

Do you know how lucky I feel to have met some of the most wonderful, influential people in my life over the past six months? I honestly don’t remember what my life was like before their daily presence and I am SUPER glad I don’t ever have to know it again.

We live in a time where social media rules all. We strive for as many likes, comments, shares, re-tweets as possible, and I’m guilty of feeling “better” with the more I have. When I actually stop to think about what social media actually is, a place to be SOCIAL & make connections with others, I realize that the relationships I’ve developed through this space are in it for the long haul.

So that leads me to the last few months – where I’ve actually spent time soaking up every moment the people who I love the most in real life.

I won’t lie to you putting yourself out there into the world of the internet is a scary and vulnerable place. I SEE YOU & I HEAR YOU.

It’s only natural to be greeted by initial thoughts like, “What if they think my internet life is better than my real life? What if they don’t think I’m as cool in person? What if we have absolutely no friend chemistry..” But when we boil down these relationships a little more and realize the people we’ve come to love and cherish know so much more about us than the little squares that brought us together – it becomes incredibly freeing. You know they’re in it because they truly care.

My point? While the world is so so big, it’s also incredibly small. You’ll never realize the six degrees of separation between you & someone you follow or the connection you may have if you don’t reach out.

Bottom Line: say hi, you never know what goodness lies ahead.

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